Back in May this year I blogged about my achievements at the 2014 AIPP NSW Professional Photography Awards. For most photographers, the state awards (as we tend to call them), are like a test run for the much larger national awards, otherwise known as the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPAs for short).

Well, after my surprise success at the NSW State Awards I decided to bite the bullet and enter my prints into these big, scary national awards just to see how I’d go. And when I say big and scary, I mean it. Making this decision meant I’d be entering my work among the professional photography industries’ creme de la creme. As an Emerging member they don’t give you a handicap; your prints are submitted and judged alongside the rest. Yep, Master of Photography’s image, my image… *Gulp*.

Okay, it’s pretty obvious where this post is going. My prints did well. VERY well, in my humble opinion. As an Emerging member I can only enter 3 images (full Accredited members can enter a max of 4), and I took home awards for ALL THREE!!!

All images were entered into the Travel category and I earnt two Silver Awards and one Silver with Distinction Award. Here they are below.

I. Won. Three. Awards. At. APPA. Yep, still pinching myself.

Massive congratulations to many of my photographer friends who achieved amazing results themselves, particularly the ridiculously talented James Simmons who took home the big gong – 2014 AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year.